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Game ROMPokemon Ultra Sun
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
RegionEurope, Taiwan, USA,
Release Year2017

Pokemon Ultra Sun is a captivating role-playing game developed by Game Freak and released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS console. It is an enhanced version of the original Pokemon Sun game, featuring an expanded storyline, new gameplay mechanics, and additional Pokemon to catch and train.

An Enhanced Alola Adventure

Pokemon Ultra Sun takes place in the beautiful Alola region, inspired by the real-world Hawaiian Islands. With its vibrant landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and unique Pokemon species, Alola provides a refreshing setting for trainers to embark on an unforgettable journey.

In this enhanced version, the storyline has been expanded, introducing new characters, side quests, and plot twists that add depth and excitement to the narrative.

Alola Forms and New Pokemon

One of the most significant additions in Pokemon Ultra Sun is the introduction of Alola Forms, which are unique regional variations of existing Pokemon species. These Alola Forms have different appearances, typings, and abilities, adding a fresh twist to familiar Pokemon.

Additionally, the game introduces new Pokemon species that were not available in the original Sun and Moon versions, expanding the roster of creatures for trainers to discover and catch.

Totem Pokemon and Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Ultra Sun introduces challenging encounters with Totem Pokemon, which are larger and more powerful versions of certain species. Defeating these formidable opponents requires careful planning and strategy, offering a satisfying test for seasoned trainers.

Moreover, the game introduces Ultra Beasts, mysterious and powerful creatures from another dimension, adding an air of mystery and intrigue to the gameplay.

New Gameplay Features

Pokemon Ultra Sun introduces a range of gameplay enhancements that improve the overall experience. One notable addition is the inclusion of the Mantine Surf, a mini-game where players can ride waves and perform tricks, earning rewards and exploring hidden areas in the process.

The game also introduces new Battle Styles, allowing players to specialize in either the physical or special attack stats of their Pokemon, enhancing strategic choices during battles. Additionally, the Photo Club feature lets trainers take memorable snapshots with their Pokemon and customize them with various frames and stickers.

The Battle Agency and Online Features

Pokemon Ultra Sun introduces the Battle Agency, a facility where trainers can rent powerful Pokemon and compete in challenging battles against other trainers. This feature adds a competitive element to the game and provides an avenue for players to test their skills against AI-controlled teams.

The game also offers various online features, such as trading Pokemon with other players, participating in global missions, and battling against trainers from around the world via the Festival Plaza.

Pokemon Ultra Sun offers a captivating and enhanced experience for both veteran trainers and newcomers to the series. With its expanded storyline, new gameplay mechanics, and a plethora of Pokemon to catch and train, the game delivers an immersive and engaging adventure in the beautiful Alola region.

Whether you are a fan of the original Sun and Moon games or a newcomer to the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Ultra Sun is a worthy addition to your Nintendo 3DS library. So grab your Poke Balls, explore Alola, and become the ultimate Pokemon trainer in this thrilling and enhanced version of the Alola adventure!

Download Links

Pokemon Ultra Sun (Europe) (EnJaFrDeEsItZhKo)1.64 GDecryption Format
Pokemon Ultra Sun (Taiwan) (EnJaFrDeEsItZh-HantZh-HansKo)1.63 GDecryption Format
Pokemon Ultra Sun (USA) (EnJaFrDeEsItZhKo)1.63 GDecryption Format
Pokemon Ultra Sun (Europe) (EnJaFrDeEsItZhKo)3.44 GCIA Format
Pokemon Ultra Sun (USA) (EnJaFrDeEsItZhKo)3.44 GCIA Format
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